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Marek Ogorzałek aha Hola one, independent electronic music producer from Gdańsk, Poland. Use to works together with different artists like Bridget Wishart, GittaMacKay, Poros, Everling and many more. Not following any strict music style and continue exploration in order to provide new and fresh sounds.

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Bill MacKechnie is a veteran of the indie music and DIY movement of the last few decades and has lent his guitar work to numerous projects in all styles and for artists from around the globe. For almost two decades he has been the principle songwriter and lead guitarist of his post progressive / world fusion outfit, ANUBIS SPIRE.

in tracks: “Lifeline”, “Transit”, “Magneto”.

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Bjoern aka Blunted Force born in 1980 in Dresden, Germany. His passion for electronic music started in 1996 as he went with friends to one in the early raves in his hometown. We worked in partnership with great well known musicians and vocalist “YEM”, “Sopheary”, “Iliana Harkavy”, “Hannah Magenta” & “Mariana Ballejos-Baiaz”. He started to play together with a friend live on stage in 2003. Since that time he played as DJ & liveact in different Techno locations. Open-minded to special experiences and always pushing forward new musical horizons.

in track: “Transit”

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Bridget might be best known for the many talents which she brought to legendary space rockers Hawkwind during her tenure with the band in the early 1990s, providing her vocals, poetry, mime and dance, and playing a major part in rejuvenating their sound and vision for a whole new generation fans, but that`s only a small part of her story.

Leaving Hawkwind in 1991, she moved on the contribute dance and choreography with Techno Pagan and than in 1995, along with Tim Caroll, formed the UV design company, Temple Doctor who among their credits, provided backdrops for the WOMAD festival. Having left the music scene in 1997, little was heard from Bridget until she was, thankfully, lured out of musical retirement in 2002 by American composer/musician Don Falcone. Since than she worked with Don and his space rock collective, Spirits Burning, on two full-length CDs. “Earth Born” and “Bloodlines” (both released by Voiceprint Records and now Floating World Records).

Very much in demand now, Bridget has recorded with a slew of contemporary space rock ensembles across the globe. Mooch, Spaceseed, MyOuterSpace and Osiris The Rebirth are just a few of the bands that have enjoyed contributions from Bridget, whether as a singer, performing spoken-word pieces, or as an instrumentalist. It`s revealed yet another aspect to her creativity as she`s added her saxophone, clarinet or her favoured EWI to these records.

Latest projects include two full albums: Time Flies, recorded as a member of Omenopus has received a slew of enthusiastic reviews as, no doubts, will Last Wish, a concept album of Middle Eastern music written and recorded by Bridget and her former Hawkwind band mate Alan Davey under the name Djinn. If those projects weren`t enough, she`s also a co-author of the forthcoming Festivalized, which recounts the rise and fall of the free festival scene as told by those who were there.

Bridget latest live band is Chumley Warner Bros, which consists of herself on vocals and EWI, alongside Martin Plumley on guitar and vocals. They describe themselves as having a “semi-acoustic fireside sound”, harkening back to the festivals campfires of yesterday. Catch them where you can!

in tracks: “Always One”, “Lifeline”, “Moments”, “Backstage”. “No Consistency”.

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Paul Croker is a versatile artist, reflected by his various musical influences from past to present.

His love affair with the vinyl format started at the age of 4, when he was given his first 7″ single, and would grow throughout the next few decades throughout the Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Big Beat movements.
During the early years, he ruined a few parentally-owned record players teaching himself to scratch and mix records. From the age of 14 he learnt the guitar, joining like minded friends from school, playing in
Zeppelin/Hendrix/Floyd influenced bands, gigging all over the country at pubs, clubs and festivals. Finding particular resonance with Eastern influenced sounds, he experimented with alternate tunings and backwards
phrasing, forming the core of his sound. In the 90’s after becoming immersed in the Big Beat scene in London and Brighton, Paul began to experiment with creating Digital based music, finding an affiliation with the use
of samples and loops to build soundscapes. DJ’ing in local clubs, he learnt to beat mix and also layer sounds within a live environment.

in tracks: “Backstage”, “Morning Dub”.

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Detlev Everling born in 1962 in Galsenkirchen, Germany. Kindergarten, school, university of music. Since 1978 I was keyboarder for several bands, at least for Blackfingers feat. Gitta MacKay. Since 1990 I`m a professional french horn player, first in Annaberg, now for the Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen. At home I have some fun with making electronic music. I`m glad about the collaborations with other musicians.

in tracks: “Energetic Tanderness”, “Purified remix”.

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manolo ombre

Manolo Ombre aka Mario Menio born in Elbląg, Poland. Playing piano in early ages opened new music dimension to him. Addicted to sound in all aspects. Inspired by nature, tech industry, machines and classic music. Still Experiments with different genred and techniques. Dreams about interacting with sounds only by thoughts.

in tracks: “No Consistency”, “Unblighted Rush”, “Bornholm Shore”, “Lifeline”.

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Beata Augustyna aka Mandragora, poetry, song writer and singer with love. Born in 1986 in Poland. Her poems and lyrics are a compilation of emotions, interior experiences and sensivity. These the favourite ways of expressions for her and attempt to capture the fragilof human nature. Since 2011 studying music theraphy, which helps her to look at the essnece of music in different way. Music is for a lonely and exciting journey into the world of sounds.

in tracks: “Papilarne”, “Energetic Tanderness”, “No Consistency”, “Purified remix”

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Just me and my bass, exploring and sharing ideas with life elements, having the main goal of creating escaping sounds in real atmosphere. I do not feel that I fit in some music style, I usually work from an image, a world, beats, sounds, some kind of stimulante. A solo project of Paulo Vincente born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1974. Playing bass since 1987, have 2 bands: DVA! and INFLAMA.

in tracks: “Unblighted Rush”, “Bornholm Shore”, “Moments”, “Magneto”.

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tonyentrale 1

TONZENTRALE© operates on basis of TONZENTRALE MODULATION. Under retention of the tonecentral centraltone the gradual introduction of a new key is reached under use of very easy means ( ©). In the years 2006 – 2008 Bea D. developed the concept of TONZENTRALE©. Internet performance and collaboration with colleagues from the web began in April, 2008.

I collect strange sounds, unknown tones and unusual noises to work with.

  • tones with and without stream
  • audio-visual … real and virtual SOUND COMBINATIONS
  • IMPROVISATION with different sound generators and musicinstruments
  • miscellaneous PICTURE-TONE-COMBINATIONS with and without words
  • visual NoBudgetFilm-and PictureWork by chance …
  • video-acoustic data-colleciton …
  • solo projects … art-performance … live-improvisation … jam-sessions … virtual collaborations

I’m always interested in collaborations with musicians from all over the world – … if you are interested … please let me know.

in track: “Moments”

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Weirdsville 1

Music made with computer and machines, inspired by nature, urbanization, the blend of the two (like a power plant in the middle of the forest), the old Australian and American TV serials. Cyberpunk movement, 80`s and 90`s tech-noir and sci-fi movies and unconventional sounds, in order to create cool soundscapes to make you trip. Hope you will enjoy.

in track: “Always One”

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