22.01 .14 Hola one @ Toksyna FM

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“Backstage“ on new Trash City compilation, release early 2014

VA – Aquae Sulis Calling Revisited (2014)

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trash city


31.08.13: Moments review @ SpaceRock Reviews

Moments is certainly a more of a electronic-psychedelic trance work, thoughtfully restrained and measured in its repetitive rhythms and structures, difficult to describe but actually uplifting despite its underplayed compositions”

|SpaceRock Reviews|


16.07.13: “No Consistency” on Machtdose July podcast

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16.05.13: “No Consistency” on Rumpfunk birthday compilation

[rfr033] V.A. – 7 Years Rumpfunk

|Rumpfunk Records| |Download part 1| |Download part 2|



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